Besan Laddu(1/2 kg)
send Besan Laddu to solapur
Price : Rs.750.00

A sweet and delicious Special 1/2 kg besan ladoo will make any festivals occasion a memorable.

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Kaju Katli(1kg)
send Kaju Katli to solapur
Price : Rs. 1720.00

1kg kaju katli  is a Perfect sweet to your love to make them enjoyable on Birthdays, Festivals and on all Occasion.

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Gulab Jamun(1/2 kg)
send Gulab Jamun to solapur
Price : Rs.699.00

1/2 kg Gulam jamun is a Yummy, Delicious, healthful is correct choice to your beloved one to make them Happy and enjoyable

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Bundi Laddo(1kg)
send Bundi Laddo to solapur
Price : Rs.1020.00

Send your love and feelings by gifting 1kg Bundi ke ladoo with this beautiful gift to family on some occasions.

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Kaju Kesher Barfi(1kg)
send Kaju Kesher Barfi to solapur
Price :1720.00

Present the 1kg kaju kesar barfi with lots of hapiness to your family is ideal gift for your family .

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Dharwad Mishra Pedha(1kg)
send Dharwad Mishra Pedha to solapur
Price : Rs.850.00
Offers 1 kg Dharwad Mishara pedha to your beloved one with loads of happiness and care to your dear one.

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Kaju Mix(1/2kg)
send Kaju Mix to solapur
Price : Rs.820.00

1/2 kg Kuju mix Sweets is a rich and delicious flavorful Send this exclusive gorgeous gift to your loved ones 

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send SonPapdi to to solapur
Price : Rs.999.00

you can gift this 1 kg sonpapdi packet to your beloved one on some ocassions like birthday,festivals etc.....

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Kesar Pedha(1kg)
send Kesar Pedha to solapur
Price : Rs.1050.00

1kg kesar pedha is rich and delicious and tasty to eat with yellow colour shows the attraction towords it is best option to send to dear one

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Mava Barfi(1/2kg)
send Mava Barfi to solapur
Price : Rs.780.00

Gift this Special delicious 1/2 kg Mava barfi with loads of happiness and fun to dear one who you truely cares.

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Assorted sweets of 15 varieties(1kg)
send Assorted sweets of 15 varieties to solapur
Price : Rs.1649.00

Deliver this rich and delicious 1 kg mixed sweets to your loved one with loads of memorable things through this pack of sweets.

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Motichoor Laddu(1kg)
send Motichoor Laddu to solapur
Price : Rs.1050.00

send 1 kg Motichoor Laddu with sweetness of love to your dear one you truely cares.

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